On the hostile social/psychological environment encountered by proponents

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An excellent new essay by Michael Tymn entitled Taking Your Toys With You At Death!, on the generally toxic materialist social environment that is still, after the accumulation of so much evidence, typically encountered by any psychical phenomena/afterlife proponent, and on the probable psychological underpinnings of this general societal rejection. I would comment that PsienceQuest appears to currently be one of the few venues offering proponents a relatively friendly reception. There are of course a few mostly non-religious organizations that as part of their specialized nature accept portions of our proponents' belief structure, like IANDS, and to some extent IONS and SSE. As has continued for many years they all still represent a tiny minority of our population.

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I had an experiience rather like the one that Michael Tymn reports. I used to meet up with a friend of mine from time and we would talk about politics and software and its development. Meanwhile his wife was very slowly dying of cancer.

One day I tried to raise the subject of NDE's and what they implied. This was obviously not something that he wanted to discuss, so I dropped the subject. After this happened again, I emailed him and said that I would not mention the subject again unless he himself brought it up. In due course his wife died, and now he himself is pretty frail, but I still don't mention the subject with him.

Thinking about it further, I think that if my partner were seriously ill, I'd probably also not want to discuss NDE's - just because it would be a reminder of an upcoming unpleasant change.

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