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Welcome to the Psience Quest wiki, available for all (non-banned) members of the Psience Quest forum to use for any valid and meaningful purpose related to the Psience Quest mission. Anonymous editing is currently disabled, as is account creation. You should be able, though, to log in via your credentials for the Psience Quest forum. As this implies, if you wish to create an account with which to edit this wiki, you will need to do so via the forum.

The current content pages on this wiki are as follows:

A listing of psi- and paranormal-related blogs.
Lists books and papers providing a good introduction to parapsychology, plus some further reading.
Refutes the argument from incompatibility with a mutually exclusive dichotomy (determinism versus indeterminism).
Weekly lists of news items related to parapsychology, psi, the paranormal, extended consciousness phenomena, and the science and philosophy of consciousness/mind in general as posted to the Psience Quest forum.
Lists OBErs who are notable for having publicly written about or otherwise publicised their experiences.
M.Sc. dissertation by Philip Stevens (London Centre for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology, 2008/09). Made available here by kind permission of the author.
The staging page used to develop the index of threads on the Skeptiko forum, the production version of which is hosted in that forum's thread Index of Skeptiko threads & related resources. This Psience Quest wiki was repurposed from the single-page wiki which originally hosted only this staging page.