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RE: Is the Filter Theory committing the ad hoc fallacy and is it unfalsifiable? 2023-06-18, 06:26 PM 6
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Is the Filter Theory committing the ad hoc fallacy and is it unfalsifiable? Related Topics
Skeptic vs. Proponent Discussions
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Sciborg_S_Patel Wrote: (2023-06-18, 04:40 PM) -- Yeah on the one hand belief in the afterlife seems to be doing fine, even in places where it dropped I think it seems to be coming back. I do wonder how one would facilitate education here. I guess one could start with the logically impossibility of Materialism, then compare the research that was done on Survival with other field research and witness testimony? If there is no a priori reason to reject, say, Reincarnation research then is the work done comparable to work done by those studying what we would consider "mundane" phenomena? At least this is the path that led me to thinking more positively about the Survival cases, but admittedly I'm a bit of an odd duck because I am trying to separate the logical conclusion from my starting intuition there's an afterlife. -- I appreciate how you have been wrestling with this topic. When I look at the pros and cons for survival for myself, what comes up are - my experiences, other peoples experiences and various studies in fields of psi. As I've aged and gone through many medical conditions I've found my level of certainty in my belief in survival fluctuating. It seems materialism is the default meta-physic that I slip towards if I am not doing various practices which allow me to perceive an expanded sense of self which reveals directly an experience which contains information which loosens the grip of the defacto reality of materialism which is the water we swim in our modern techno culture. I usually come back to my practices and studies when the existential dread that accompanies an unconscious lean into materialist ontology makes life unbearable. It appears to require sustained vigilance to keep the defato ego-syntonic effect of materialism from degrading my “lived” experience.

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