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From Michael Tymn, at Quote: -- Over the years, I have developed a profile of the typical hard-core atheist. He or she may not have all of the characteristics indicated below, but here are 21 fairly common characteristics I have observed. The atheist:       1) was likely brought up in a religious family, quite often in an evangelical family; 2) had problems with parental authority when young and was often rebellious; 3)  while in school, adopted science teachers and professors as substitute parent figures and quickly divorced religion in favor of the “intellectual” reductionist approach of the teacher or professor; 4) cannot now believe anything that can’t be replicated and validated by science; 5) believes that it is necessary to prove the existence of God before considering the evidence for an afterlife; 6) believes wars, famine, poverty, premature death, etc. are evidence that there is no God, as a benevolent God would not permit such things.  No God, no afterlife; 7) had an inferiority complex most of his or her life, but now sees his “intellectual” atheism grounded in science as making him/her better and smarter than all his/her friends who still suffer from religious superstitions; 8) has never really studied the evidence for the survival of consciousness but finds it convenient to parrot people like James “The Amazing” Randi and Michael Shermer by saying it is all fraudulent; 9)  assumes that celestial ways and means must meet terrestrial standards, thereby further assuming that science has it all figured out; 10)  attempts to put on a courageous front in his or her belief that life is nothing more than a march into an abyss of nothingness, but is really shaking in his or her boots, especially in his/her old age, when the courage turns to bitterness and despair, i.e., the pretend courage is really bravado; 11)  doesn’t fully grasp the difference between evidence and proof; 12) assumes that the afterlife is nothing more than angels floating around on clouds and strumming harps for eternity; 13)  fails to recognize that the evidence coming to us through psychical research and parapsychology is not always consistent with religious dogma and doctrine; 14)  thinks that television “ghost hunting” programs are what psychical research and parapsychology are all about; 15) accepts the debunker’s explanation that all psychical phenomena are the result of fraud, hallucination or self-delusion; 16)  believes everything he/she reads concerning paranormal phenomena at Wikipedia is the straight scoop; 17) assumes that psychics, if real, should be able to pick winning lottery numbers and be totally correct in everything he or she says; 18) stresses the “misses” in the testing of psychic phenomena, while ignoring the “hits,” even though they are far beyond chance; 19) assumes that if spirits exist, they should be all-powerful and able to more effectively communicate; 20) says we should “live for today” and not concern ourselves with what happens after death; 21) fancies him- or herself as a self-appointed guardian of truth in the war on superstition.    --

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