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Welcome to Psience Quest - a discussion site for everyone who's interested in psi, evidence of survival after death and related subjects.

As the name suggests, the core topic for discussion here is the science of psi.

In a narrow sense, psi can be thought of as any kind of interaction between the mind and the outside world whose mechanism isn't scientifically understood. It covers the three traditional varieties of "extra-sensory perception" - telepathy (direct communication between minds), clairvoyance (direct perception of the outside world) and precognition (information transfer from the future to the present) - and also the fourth phenomenon of psychokinesis (direct influence of the mind on the outside world). In practice the distinctions between these kinds of psi aren't clear-cut, and there's plenty of scope for discussion about what's really going on. And of course, some people don't believe psi exists at all.

But we're also interested in the broader perspective, in which psi could be telling us something crucial about the nature of consciousness itself, and how it relates to the physical world. There's also the age-old question of whether our consciousness can survive physical death. So there's plenty of discussion here of topics like near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, mediumship, reincarnation, apparitions and poltergeists.

There's also a mixed bag of other subjects that don't fit into these neat categories, but may have a psi connection - UFOs, evolution theory, folklore and so on.
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I'm just curious. Does the fact this has been made a discussion thread mean that you are happy for others to post their views?
Ah, I was just about to close this thread after adding a post directing folks to the Both forums need an introduction thread if they wanted to discuss it. So... I guess I'll do that. Will shortly post a comment in that thread just as an update [edit: that comment has now been posted]. (Just briefly: I think that, as discussed in that thread, if folks want to share their views in detail, they should feel welcome to create a page on the wiki, to which we can link from the OP of this thread, which I can edit as needed). Please feel free to quote and/or respond to this post in that other thread.
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