The Psience Quest (PQ) forum (which has an associated although at this point little-used wiki) is non-profit, community-driven, and voluntarily-funded. For its first 17 months, its expenses had been covered by two of its founding members, Ian (Ninshub) and Laird. At that point, though, other members expressed an interest in contributing. To this end, this page was set up so that those who wish to can donate via PayPal (and you shouldn't need a PayPal account to donate; a credit or debit card should be fine).

We aim for transparency, so you know where your money's going and how much might be needed. To this end, our full expenses and income are documented in the Google Docs spreadsheet, Psience Quest Financials. We intend to document, too, in this spreadsheet, in a hopefully timely manner, each donation as it is received.

If you just want an overview without looking at all of the details, then you can scroll down to the very bottom of the spreadsheet and read through the summary information under Position statement, Financial contributions, and Anticipated future costs.

Alternatively, for just the (auto-calculated) raw savings figure, you can look down the column labelled, "Savings (USD)" - staying within the top block of accounting, beginning on row 3 and labelled "All time, from 2017-08-13 to the present day. [...]" - to the first summary row, labelled "Balance (total donations and transfers less total costs)". Positive (and green) indicates the savings we retain towards future costs. Negative (and red) indicates that we lack savings: the figure then is the total amount that Ian and Laird are out of pocket.

The below button allows you to donate via PayPal to Laird's PayPal account. Please feel free to add a note to your donation stipulating whether or not you would like your donation to be anonymous. If you do not stipulate anonymity, we will assume that you are comfortable being named in the spreadsheet.