Intelligent Energy with RJ Spina

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RJ Spina is author of Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolution Guide to Access High-Frequency States of Consciousness that Rejuvinate and Repair.

Here he describes a horrible concatination of illnesses that left him with a diagnosis of permanent paralysis below the chest in 2016. He awakened from life-saving surgery with a dysfunctional body – however, he found himself in a state of awareness completely detached from the body that he thinks of as cosmic consciousness. In this state he understood how he could heal himself, which is what he set out to do. Now, he teaches others the method he used to achieve his own dramatic cure.

I can relate pretty strongly with some of what he says, in that I have also experienced the same things. Such as how detachment affects things, pain and pleasure blending into a single metasensation, and hitting that point of knowing that there's no limits whatsoever. Its not just some abstract feeling of knowing, its more the inevitable result of extrapolating what you can do in that state, though I guess that doesn't explain it well.

I very much disagree with his, or anyone's, notion that everyone pre plans their life. I'm sure some people do, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence from credible reincarnation research that it even happens, let alone that everyone does it. Likewise I'll always disagree that there's any objective, externally defined, meaning or purpose to existence, there's just no evidence for it. Things just sort of are and people just sort of exist in that and define meaning and purpose for themselves as they go.

As I continue improving my own skills with energy I do hope to effect the same level of dramatic healing on my eyes and the rest of the body. Self healing is the one thing I can do reliably, though I suppose I'm going to have to start adding my energy transmissions to that list as they seem pretty reliable so far, though not perfectly so. Eventually standard PK will likely rejoin that list, and once I get enough skill and precision it should all come together into the magic I remember. I appreciate that he also calls it magic, because yeah, once you start getting there it doesn't make sense to call it anything else, its straight up magic. Though of course he uses the "ck" spelling whereas I purposely don't because I want to one day reclaim the word.

Given that the body is just a bunch of chemicals arranged a certain way, there's no reason whatsoever that you shouldn't be able to gain 100% control of it through whatever the mechanisms are that allow such healing to happen. All you need is to get the right chemicals in the right arrangement in the right places and you should be able to do whatever you want with your body. Your body already has pretty much everything it needs to do that, it just lacks an instruction set. Mastering that ability should allow people to reverse and outright stop and reverse ageing, shapeshift (though maybe not instantly at first) and lots of other stuff. Certainly its what I remember from my past.
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I'm always glad to see people who are genuinely attempting feats of psychic energy.

It's hard not to roll one's eyes at times at the people who talk about changing their internal mental states or altering probabilities. 

This isn't to say such things don't have value, but I've met working single moms with more Will than supposed great occultists.
'Historically, we may regard materialism as a system of dogma set up to combat orthodox dogma...Accordingly we find that, as ancient orthodoxies disintegrate, materialism more and more gives way to scepticism.'

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Here's a short video Spina posted on his own channel a while back that documented his healing his spine (talk about getting the right name: Spina) and recovering from the pre- and post-op diagnosis of complete paraplegia. Spina had been going outside the body since very young and so had spent a lifetime not identifying with the body-mind before this challenge occurred. He seems to have been completely ready for it.

I did hear him say in an interview it took 100% of his undivided attention for those 100 days. He told friends and everyone not call to him, not to email him. Incredible self-discipline and completel intellect-free focus on intention and desire seems to be needed.

Here's a more recent interview with Mishlove:

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I heard so much of this junk when I was a new ager.   Makes people a lot of money with book and video sales!
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(2023-04-09, 04:48 PM)Brian Wrote: I heard so much of this junk when I was a new ager.   Makes people a lot of money with book and video sales!

Can you explain by what process you come to conclude this is "junk"?
I am going to describe my own experience of paralysis - much less than RJS reports, but maybe my story is tangentially relevant.

At age 6, I caught something that gave me nausea and sickness for a day or two, and then just as I seemed to be recovering, I got out of bed one morning to go and visit my parents and fell on the floor. I'd got polio in my right leg.

I ended up in an isolation ward and my parents were permitted to visit me for an hour each afternoon. That time was definitely the worst of it, but even so, my parents told me that I'd recover in due course - it was only temporary. Meanwhile my father gave me sheets of sums to do, and the brought me books as well as toys. At that stage I was stuck in bed and fairly bored. However, somehow I felt I ruled the bed, and ran some model cars around. I also had a definite sense of magic, and had a little box with magic stuff in it. I am not talking about magic tricks - I considered them to be real magic - I wish I could remember more details about them!

After about 3 months I went home, and the fun began! At first I was dropped into an armchair for long periods of time, although that chair was ideal for running my toy cars. Also, my parents decided to get a television, which they had not intended to do, so that became a source of excitement.

Then I began to experiment with standing up while holding on to furniture. This gave me a lot of excitement, and gradually I could manage to make it across the gaps in the furniture, and eventually go and visit my mother in the kitchen! I knew she was enormously glad to see my progress, but didn't want me there because it was dangerous. I usually went away with a small piece of something interesting to eat, or a bowl to lick out! After a while I spent many hours in the garden.

Once I was home I think I was a fairly happy kid, and I'd absorbed the idea that if I kept pushing my limits, I'd soon be normal again. After about a year, I went back to school and gradually merged in with the other kids and half forgot about my polio leg - although visually it has always been pretty obvious. At about age 11, I learned to ride a bike. I realised much later that I managed those tasks by using my right heel. I put my left foot on the pedal as normal, together with my right heel. I rode around at university in this way, and I still ride a bike that way!

From the reactions of a couple of doctors I have encountered over the years, I think my level of normality has surprised them greatly.

I think it may be relevant that my parents gave me the feeling that I'd get it all back if I kept working at it.

I also think it helped that I was as young as I was. If I'd been a teenager at the time, I imagine I would have felt really badly left out.

PS I should point out that polio is a spinal problem.

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(2023-04-09, 05:00 PM)Ninshub Wrote: Can you explain by what process you come to conclude this is "junk"?

I think it is better to realise that some of the reports here are going to be essentially 'junk', but others are absolutely real. It is better to absorb a little junk for the sake of the good stuff.

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Great story David!
On the topic of healing spinal injuries through consciousness, I think also of Judith Blackstone, clinical psychologist and creator of the Realization Process (a worldwide well-accepted and recognized somatic therapy treatment used by psychotherapists, massotherapists, etc.). Last year I posted in another thread her interview with BATGAP.

She was a dancer and her world stopped in her 20s through a severe back injury that led to, even worse, a surgical fusion of her spine off-center. She was barely able to walk afterwards. It was through a lot of consciousness exploration and work (going through a variety of Asian spiritual traditions) that she came to experience altered or deeper consciousness experiences and self-heal. The Realization Processes uses what she calls "fundamental consciousness" to heal. (Cued to the start of the relevant part)
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This video conversation with RJ Spina has been on my to-watch list for a while (and still is). I have to admit that his is a new name to me so I have no idea what he's all about.
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