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I had a recent shock which has changed me. 2024-06-22, 12:04 PM 14
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I had a recent shock which has changed me. Related Topics
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Earlier this week my mum was rushed into hospital having difficulty breathing.  She had low oxygen and potassium levels and needed to be on a ventilator.  She had something on her left lung and they were feeding her antibiotics and blood thinners.  My brother and his daughter sat with her throughout.  We didn't know if she would recover and my brother had the responsibility of making the decision about whether she lives or not.  The doctors kept giving him hope, saying, "we can try another 24 hours and see" but my niece is a nurse and when she first saw the stats, she burst into tears.  Mum's heart was spiking throughout the night and she would gasp.  On Wednesday, palliative care came and saw my mum and her stats and decided to take the decision out of my brother's hands.  They gave her drugs to keep her comfortable and we knew she would go when she would go.  Later that evening she passed peacefully with people who loved her beside her.  I have alternated between feeling emotional and feeling like it hasn't really happened and I keep wanting to send things to her on whatsapp before remembering she is no longer here. Life is too short and too uncertain to gripe and pick holes and we should make the best use of every second and be supportive of each other.  I have had a short spell on a "skeptics" forum and decided to leave because the conversations were rarely intelligent and full of ignorance and mockery.  I value this forum and the people here very highly even if I sometimes get frustrated with the foot-down certainty that is sometimes shown, and I intend to be more positive here than I have recently been.

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