Hello, Great Work & a big Thank You!!

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Hello everybody,

Wow - excellent, really pleased to see this place up and running.  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Thank you so, so much to Ian, Typoz, Steve and others for taking the time and effort for directing me to this new forum - old link on phone and other devices has been deleted and replaced with this forum!!  Cool

Also another big thank you to all those involved with setting up this new forum - you may never know how much your efforts are appreciated, certainely by me, but I suspect by many, many others too, even if we don't often if ever express it!

Thank you all so much and i genuinely look forward to reading and participating on this new forum  Heart Heart Heart Heart Smile
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So glad you are here, Manjit.
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Truly delighted to see you here Manjit! I've always enjoyed your posts !
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