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Doug's anomalous experiences 2019-03-17, 05:35 PM 18
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Doug's anomalous experiences Extended Consciousness Phenomena
Personal Experiences
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Like some others here, I too am fortunate in having had a fair number of well-defined anomalous experiences in my lifetime. I label them anomalous because I believe the underlying phenomena did not have a physical origin. Instead, I share the opinion of parapsychologists that the phenomena witnessed by me were spontaneous manifestations of unconscious mental processes. From my experiences, and those reported to me by trusted friends and family members, I've drawn what I believe to be the only logical conclusion possible regarding physical reality: that it simply is not what it appears to be. Although I've often shared accounts of my experiences with family and close friends, I've been very reluctant to share them in online venues such as message boards. That's because the phenomena reported in many of my accounts are often intertwined with events or activities in my life that I would, on balance, prefer to keep private. I suppose I could eliminate many of the personal references whose public exposure makes me uncomfortable, but I fear doing so would rob too many of the accounts of subtle contextual clues pointing to my unconscious mind as the ultimate source of many, if not most of the experiences. I think this is what happens to most accounts shared online. They're stripped of personal elements that might have been very helpful in determining meaningful unconscious connections. They've become bland recountings of what might originally have been rich experiences full of meaning. After years of indecision, I've finally come to the conclusion that the only way for me to resolve this issue is simply to report my experiences pretty much as they happened. In doing so, it is my hope that readers might find some value in them, hence justifying my having presented them for posterity. It is also my hope -- my great hope -- that others yet to speak up will also share their personal accounts so that all can learn from them.

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