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Random listing of personal experiences, mine & others 2017-09-17, 08:03 PM 24
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Random listing of personal experiences, mine & others Extended Consciousness Phenomena
Personal Experiences
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My whole life has felt as a personal evidence marker - convincing to few beyond myself but incredibly compelling to me. In childhood it seemed to me there was a softness between this world & the world of dreams.  I believe I received a birthmark (that's now faded almost completely) in a dream when I was 4. Obviously even if the mark was there I don't expect this to convince others. The number of synchronicities are too many to count. They range from what are possibly mere coincidences to patterns that seemed so uncanny it felt like I was inside a video game narrative arranged for me. When I thought of committing suicide, I had an incredible Spiritually Trans-formative Experience that felt like communion with the Divine Feminine. My mother's last words were crying out "Everyone's alive!", looking past me, trying to get me to see what she saw. The night I got car jacked a few hours beforehand I felt an incredible sense of dread, like I was being attacked psychically. There's a variety of conversations I've had with people, who I found no reason to be lying about their own experiences.

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