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Why the afterlife to me isn't just evolutionary wishful thinking 2023-10-26, 11:34 PM 9
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Why the afterlife to me isn't just evolutionary wishful thinking Related Topics
Alternative Views on Science (Evolution, Cosmology, Etc.)
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A common argument for the human belief in an afterlife is "evolutionary mechanisms of wishful thinking and humans not being able to comprehend their own non-existence". My counter to this: I think from an cold, trait guided evolutionary standpoint it would've made more sense if we evolved to not believe in afterlife because it would allow us to be more focused on the tasks at hand and live in the moment and have more reality based thinking if our reality was just materialist.  And a Nautilus article about NDEs which unfortunately made a lot of false claims, was saying it was "Evolution's way of peacefully leading us into the final goodnight.".....which makes no sense because how would that trait even get passed down if it's happening right before people die.  Anyone else notice evolution being used for random unproven purposes like this?

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