The UFO crash retrieval/reverse engineering black project issue refuses to be quashed

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The UFO black project issue in Washington and the DOD simply refuses to go away despite all efforts to quash it. How much smoke will be required to be sure there's a fire? There's an awful lot accumulated so far on this issue. The truth keeps stubbornly trying to raise its ugly head. To demonstrate how difficult it is for officaldom to ensure total secrecy, new documented information has just come out and been published in The Hill confirming the establishment and existence of crashed UFO retrieval/reverse engineering black special access programs by the DOD.

Of course, none of this actually establishes that anything substantive regarding alien technology has ever emerged from these efforts. It seems probable that all of these projects have been unsuccessful. It is unlikely that this would be because there was no actual crash remains; it is more likely that the technology is simply far too far ahead of our science to be reverse engineered.

To get the full flavor of this new information, the following are a few scattered key excerpts from a rather lengthy article in the new issue of The Hill just published May 9, at :

Quote:"Newly declassified documents, along with extraordinary legislation, illustrate how two successive Democratic Senate majority leaders appear to have believed so. (Comment: and also illustrate a lot more.)
In late 2011, the top scientist at the Department of Homeland Security met with Lieberman, then chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Reid to discuss the establishment of an ultra-secret UFO program.
As outlined in remarkable detail in newly released documents, the intent of the proposed program was to “gain access to and inventory” UFOs secretly under “investigation in National Laboratories, government organizations and/or contractors.”
From there, the program would engage in “laboratory experimentation” and “scientific investigation” to foster “technology exploitation” of the recovered materials.
In short, Reid and Lieberman were advocating, “with some sense of urgency,” for the establishment of a formal UFO reverse engineering program.
Startling as it may be, the notion that shadowy elements of the U.S. government or defense contractors secretly possess retrieved UFOs is treated as fact in the documents.
Notably, the Reid- and Lieberman-backed proposal included an “Oral History Initiative” to interview a pre-identified “list of retired, previously highly placed government, armed services, contractor, and intelligence community individuals” with knowledge of the “location of advanced aerospace technology and biological samples.”
Although a key House lawmaker successfully stripped the most extraordinary elements of the Schumer-led legislation, Schumer and the legislation’s principal cosponsor, Sen. Mike Rounds (R-S.D.), vowed to “keep working to change the status quo.” 
The core elements of Schumer and Rounds’s stunning legislation match the allegations of Air Force veteran and former intelligence official David Grusch, who testified under oath to the existence of UFO retrieval and reverse engineering efforts not subject to congressional oversight.
Sean Kirkpatrick, the former director of the Pentagon’s UFO analysis office, embarked on an unusual media tour to pour cold water on the swirling allegations of secret, unreported UFO programs. But Kirkpatrick’s public commentary appears to have had little effect on Capitol Hill. In March, Rounds indicated twice that the extraordinary Schumer-led legislation alleging the existence of unreported UFO programs would be reintroduced this year.
Asked on May 2 whether a 63-page Pentagon report categorically denying the existence of illicit UFO efforts is “case closed,” Gillibrand stated, “Oh, it’s definitely not case closed.”
In recent months, the Pentagon’s UFO office has lost much of its credibility following a series of flawed and deeply misleading reports, including the May 2 one mentioned above.
Crucially, another set of newly released documents indicates that high-level current and former officials with apparent knowledge of illicit UFO programs refused to meet with Kirkpatrick.
............................................................. response to the “government’s blanket denials regarding the possession of off-world technology,” Mellon recently posted a 2020 exchange describing how a “senior government official” uncovered the “management structure and security control systems” of a UFO retrieval program. The official also claimed to have identified the “gatekeeper” controlling access to the Air Force’s secret UFO efforts.
In another fascinating twist, Kirkpatrick told Mellon that the Department of Justice is in possession of Grusch’s whistleblower complaint alleging the existence of illegal UFO programs “since it’s part of a criminal investigation.”
Agency watchdogs like the one that received Grusch’s complaint typically involve the Justice Department when allegations of criminal activity are substantiated. Does this imply that UFO-related criminal charges could at some point be on offer?
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And still not a shred of unambiguous physical evidence.  Don't be surprised if people stop replying to your "This proves that aliens are visiting us" posts.  It gets tiring.
(2024-05-12, 11:39 AM)Brian Wrote: And still not a shred of unambiguous physical evidence.  Don't be surprised if people stop replying to your "This proves that aliens are visiting us" posts.  It gets tiring.

You still have to explain the multiple sources of evidence that such UFO crash retrieval and reverse-engineering black projects actually do exist or did exist. It's true there is no physical evidence so far. This could be explained several ways, including:

(1) Reverse-engineering of actual successfully recovered UFO technology was repeatedly attempted but has always been unsuccessful because of the huge gulf in science and technology. This failure is what would be clearly expected. The black projects unsuccessfully attempting this feat are entrenched in the DOD intellence organizations and have been successfully protecting themselves from being disbanded or prosecuted for massive waste of effort and money, by stone-walling. 

(2) Similar to (1), except that there never was any real retrieved UFO hardware (crashed UFO technology) recovered - the black projects were all initially set up and operated, but of course failed in their purpose for existence. Bureaucratic inertia and empire-building and desire to keep the black money flowing (in other words corruption) has resulted in the persistence of these special access black projects buried deep in the DOD organizational maze long past the discovery of their uselessness.

(3) An unlikely but possible explanation. Real crashed UFO technology has been recovered and successfully reverse-engineered, but a powerful group of elements in the DOD intelligence community for many years has followed a plan developed years ago by various think-tanks, that introducing this revolutionary technology into our society would be intolerably damaging to our economy and society (probably true), so full disclosure of the effort and the physical evidence must absolutely be prevented as a matter of existential state security.
I think the most likely explanation for the government smoke and mirrors related to UAP/UFOs is that digging too deep would uncover mundane but controversial spending projects like the hiring of mercenaries.

And is there any hard evidence, by which I mean some remnant that we would have very good reason to think is part of an alien craft or alien corpse/prisoner?

I say this as someone who does think something beyond the mundane is going on regarding the UAP/UFO phenomenon.

Personally though I don't have any issue with @nbtruthman posting about this, as I do think there's some potential info that could be suppressed simply because it would cause a public panic and/or cost corporate oligarchies money.
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