Rossi's Ecat demo on the 31 Jan

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From Mats Lewan blog: 

On January 31, 2019, inventor and entrepreneur Andrea Rossi will hold an online presentation on the commercial launch of his heating device, the E-Cat. Thereby, the moment of truth is approaching for the carbon free, clean, abundant, cheap, and compact energy source that could potentially replace coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, and also solve the global climate crisis.

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This is claimed to be a cold fusion device, apparently:
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It looks like Rossi's Ecat presentation is just the latest in this con artist's long series of frauds. It seems that actually what he has invented is techniques to scam investors without eventually going to jail: see in The New Energy Times, a journal dedicated to the legitimate research into LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) that is being accomplished, especially into cold fusion. Rossi has managed to discredit the whole field.
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podcasts here
I do recall a previous launch of some heating technology along similar lines, was that about two or three years ago? Rather then a new launch, I'd be much more interested in the progress of the previous launch.
The ecat world website has plenty information

What is the E-Cat?

provides good summary of it's history


Why I Believe in The E-Cat
A lengthy blog by a former supporter, the originator of "eCat News", back in 2012. After long experience with Rossi, he terminated his advocacy. He ended his blog with the following. Today, 7 years later, Rossi's Ecat seems to be no further along. As usual no actual concrete results with working systems in the hands of business or government customers, just endless broken promises and excuses. This sort of outcome goes back much further than just 7 years. 

The old saw, judge the tree by its fruits - this is as would be expected for an investor fraud scam. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and poops like a duck, it probably really is a duck, no matter how much we want it to be a swan. Of course, one can always go the conspiracy theorist route and imagine some nefarious plot by petroenergy interests to discredit him.

Anyway, his very long track history would strongly predict that Rossi's upcoming presentation and "commercial launch" will draw out to a bust yet again. I hope this expectation is wrong - we certainly need cheap pollution-free energy. 

Quote:"The LieCat

November 2, 2012
October is dead, taking with it any hope I had that Andrea Rossi would deliver on yet
another claim. For some time now, it has been obvious to most that Rossi cannot be
trusted. Even his supporters admit he lies as they excuse him for one reason or another.
I have no idea if he is conducting a criminal enterprise but he is certainly performing a
good impression of doing so.
Since I remain hopeful about LENR as a whole, I give small
measure to the dream that he has something less than he claims but still interesting. I
would not bank on that but dream anyway. Each time some deadline approaches, he
changes tack, often making ever-increasing outlandish claims that have become tiringly
predictable. The man is a liar and if you give him money on the strength of his word you
are more trusting than me. I

That Was eCatNews

My interest in the eCat and its progeny lay in its promise for the future. Now that I
doubt Rossi’s claims to the point of near certainty, the subject does not deserve the
work involved in keeping this blog alive.
At one point in sight of a million visits a month,
it is easy to see how money can be made from the dreams and wishes of good people.
now fear that underlying the smiles of a few key players, a dark heart beats and I refuse
to follow popularity at the expense of truth. A key driver in my decision to start
eCatNews lies at the feet of hard sceptics. Something did not fit. Surely if their
conviction was genuine, they would not waste their lives working on a propaganda
campaign trying to convince us all that Rossi was a fraud. It did not make sense. Rather
than convince me of their point, their hard work and dedication looked suspicious. I
wanted to shine a light into the darkest corners in the hope that we’d find something
wondrous. That was not to be. I may be puzzled by such a negative pursuit but no longer
conclude anything from it. Now, with scant hope of Rossi (ever) delivering on his promises, I
find myself wondering why I would waste any more time on him. If he is committing
fraud, he should be pursued by the police.
Interest in the man or the subject is now
relegated to the level of curiosity, not dedication."
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