Hello people, I'm Smaw

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Hello everyone, I'm Smaw, an Australian bloke who's interested in PSI stuff.

My journey into PSI has been your regular slog. I started out my regular teenage sprat years as your regular ratheist. God is dead and memes killed him, psi is all bullshit, mediums are con artists, religious people are the scum of the earth, NDEs are all brains and when you die that's it. 

Then I grew up a bit. Reading rebuttals for NDEs and actually seeing they weren't really rebutting the points advocates were putting forward, that leading to blogs where people talked about PSI and hey look at that, there's some decent evidence. Better debunk that, well damn here's a response from the study authors and what they said was actually pretty convincing. Some more snowball from that and damn, now I'm here.

I never really had a forum to talk to anyone about that kinda stuff before and the other ones seem a bit...preachy, so I decided to join here. I look forward to chatting with you all!
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Welcome, fellow Aussie. Your journey does sound familiar!
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Hi Smaw - welcome to the forum. Smile

(2020-10-28, 08:01 AM)Smaw Wrote: the other ones seem a bit...preachy,

I live in constant hope that I am not being too preachy about my own christian faith here.  I try to keep it minimal and only to add my own slant to the existing context but I have been known to indulge in a little apologetics when I felt it important.  I hope that isn't seen as preachy because that is not my intent.  Psience Quest is actually the least preachy forum I know of so feel free. Wink
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