Any thoughts on The Safire Project / Aureon?

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I came across The Safire Project, now a commercial endeavour, Aureon, via a reference to it by Ross Coulthart in an interview on UFOs. I'm curious to know whether anybody here is already familiar with it, and, either way, what you make of it. They seem to have developed a plasma reactor which they say validates The Electric Universe hypothesis, as well as having commercial applications such as clean power generation.
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I can't follow much of the science, but it looks interesting.  Appreciate your posting!
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The PR video presentations on the Safire Project/Aureon posted by Laird were initially interesting but no kewpy doll award. I'm sorry, but my natural cynicism steps in here. A few glitzy brief 1-2 minute PR presentations evidently aimed at interesting unwary and naive new investors in some only vaguely described new technology (presumably another advanced tritium fusion plasma design reactor probably still based on the Tokamak model) doesn't impress me. There is no detail whatsoever, just generally a rhapsodic paen to their new process that they claim can solve a bunch of problems endemic to uranium fission energy generation. Presumably you can get a little more nitty gritty detail, but only if you invest, surely a leap of environmentally conscious faith.

First off, they don't go into the question of how the French and the Germans have historically embraced nuclear fission power much more extensively than the US, and evidently found acceptable to the environment ways of solving these problems, mainly of safely disposing of the radioactive waste. Part of the reason for this appears to be that those countries haven't had such an extreme public aversion to nuclear power causing rejection of most rational and practical means.

And they don't even vaguely allude to the actual current progress level of their system in experimentally reaching even just the break-even point of the energy consumption/energy output ratio. Due to all the inevitable energy conversion losses, in order for a fusion or other atomic process to be economically practical, it has to achieve a factor of at least 10-20. Up to now the best that has been achieved and publically announced has been 1.5 - 2, after at least 70 years of painfully slow development. How about some verified numbers for an actual working device?

My impression is that this is a new technology scam to fleece investors, using the current great concern about energy-derived environmental pollution as the main PR tool.

Hints that it might be derived from retrieved and reverse-engineered alien technology don't help in the confidence department.

Finally, the technical/scientific takedown video posted by Brian executes the coup de grace.

Of course I and a number of actual experts could possibly be wrong, and we could be cheating ourselves out of getting in to the ground floor of the next transformative and incredibly profitable new technology. But I won't lose any sleep over it.
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(2024-02-11, 04:00 PM)nbtruthman Wrote: Hints that it might be derived from retrieved and reverse-engineered alien technology don't help in the confidence department.

Finally, the technical/scientific takedown video posted by Brian executes the coup de grace.
I'm going to be nicer to you in future! Wink
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This post has been deleted.
I appreciate the feedback, gents. The project does seem dubious in the light of Brian's vid and NB's perspective. I guess the ultimate (dis)proof will be whether they fail or succeed at commercialising a product.

@Larry, how come you deleted your post? I'm in the middle of bit-by-bit watching the vid in it. It doesn't seem directly related to The Safire Project / Aureon, but it seemed relevant enough to have been worth posting. My sentiments so far: similarly, I guess we have to see whether Malcolm succeeds in commercialising his product, although at this point in the video (46m 49s) I'm not quite sure what it does - whether it produces power or reduces emissions or both.
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