Why our dreams could be the key to time travel

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Very interested short video by the BBC on precognition - particularly discussing precognitive dreams. Nice to see a fair hearing in such a well known and mainstream media.

Video can be found here: 

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Nice vid and nice to see you back too!
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(2020-11-25, 04:25 AM)Laird Wrote: Nice vid and nice to see you back too!

Thank you my friend - glad to be back!
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I watched this some time ago, but only just got around to commenting. Yes, I appreciate it and it is good to see some openness rather than disdain towards wider experiences.

Round about the same time, I was also reading an article on the BBC site about memory.
In My Pram I Remember

Quote:900 of the memories we collected in the Memory Survey were very early "preverbal" memories - some from as early as 6-11 months old. This result has shocked scientists and academics who believe that adults do not remember memories of childhood before they can talk.

I don't think there is a direct connection with the main subject of this thread, except that I came across them both at around the same time - and both from the BBC. (I thought there were other related pages/articles I was going to share, but can't find them now. Back at that time I was somehow overloaded and not posting very much.)

I myself had some limited memories from a very young age, but was ridiculed by my family when I talked about them - they claimed it was impossible. Much the same reaction when I described seeing  someone in our house - who must have been a ghost though at the time it was just a woman (with an odd way of leaving the room) to me. Sorry, just rambling. Though we're all different, I tend to think there is a lot of human experience which doesn't receive full attention and is then lost, leading to an impression that such things never happen at all. Just musing, I don't really have a point.
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(2021-03-29, 10:21 AM)Typoz Wrote: I myself had some limited memories from a very young age, but was ridiculed by my family when I talked about them - they claimed it was impossible.

How often do we hear this from people trying their best to be heard about something that might be of life changing import? Confused
Oh my God, I hate all this.   Surprise
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I go through periods of having precog dreams. They're always centred around fairly insignificant events that carry an emotional component. 

For example: Last night I dreamt I was waiting tables in a restaurant and being harangued by a customer (a black lady) for forgetting their order. This morning, I'm in a hardware store being helped by an assistant when a black lady comes up and starts going off at said assistant for forgetting about her. Also, I once dreamt I was looking at my thumb and it was heavily bandaged. The next day, I cut myself chopping vegetables.

So, you see, they're pretty mundane events but do at the same time carry an emotional punch. This does certainly hint at a non-local component to memory. Also, these dreams definitely seem to come in patches.

Now I'm just waiting for the next day's lotto numbers.
Formerly dpdownsouth. Let me dream if I want to.
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