Statistics in Parapsychology with Jessica Utts

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Quote:Jessica Utts is emerita professor of statistics at the University of California, Irvine. She is former president of the American Statistical Association. She is the first author of Mind in Statistics and is author of Seeing Through Statistics. Professor Utts served as a judge for the recent Bigelow Institute essay competition.

Here she describes her journey from a skeptical statistician to a supporter of parapsychological research. She shares stories of her father's successes in clairvoyance during ganzfeld experiments at the Psychophysical Research Laboratory in Princeton, New Jersey. She also describes how she came to evaluate remote viewing research sponsored by the Defense Intelligence Agency. She emphasizes the importance of parapsychology for the future of humanity.
'Historically, we may regard materialism as a system of dogma set up to combat orthodox dogma...Accordingly we find that, as ancient orthodoxies disintegrate, materialism more and more gives way to scepticism.'

- Bertrand Russell

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I enjoyed that interview - she came across as a very human statistician!

I was puzzled why she chose to give the interview apparently sitting on her bed.
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