Serious scientific interest in UFOs/UAPs

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It appears that some elements of the scientific establishment, in response to the continual good to high quality sightings going back many years plus all the controversies concerning them, are now taking the phenomenon quite seriously, enough to find funding for and conduct seriously thorough scientific investigations. These are credentialed scientists who evidently don't take seriously most of the often ignorant scepticism.

In the following short video Dr. Kevin Knuth, professor of physics at the University at Albany SUNY, Albany, NY, (and of the Sol Foundation), as a portion of a larger event, gives a short talk devoted to his and his colleagues' (especially Dr. M. Szydagis (also of Department of Physics, University at Albany) recently devised plan to attract UFO/UAPs for scientific detection, imaging and analysis using a small portable nuclear reactor. UFOs have been known many times to be attracted to reactors and to nuclear weapons. It is yet to be seen whether these scientists will be able to overcome the many regulatory hurdles, but Dr. Knuth believes they are navigable using a certain type of very safe and compact reactor design using lithium as the fissionable material.
The video is here.

The following link is to a preprint version of their lengthy 43 page scientific paper documenting the fully analyzed experimental results from a preliminary trial of a full-fledged scientific investigation of UAPs/UFOs, accomplished by going to a known "hot spot" with a raft of instrumentation. Their experimental results came out a few months after this talk. This expedition didn't yet include the nuclear attractor idea, but was still bent on obtaining scientific proof of anomalous objects or vehicles by an array of scientific instruments and cameras. It turned out that they were successful- their recording devices picked up an anomalous object which did not appear to have any prosaic explanation.

The full scientific paper on Arxiv (Elsevier), for anyone interested, is at .

From the Abstract of the paper:

Quote:"In July 2021, faculty from the U Albany Department of Physics participated in a week-long field expedition with the organization UAPx to collect
data on UAPs in Avalon, California, located on Catalina Island, and nearby. This paper reviews both the hardware and software techniques which this collaboration employed, and contains a frank discussion of the successes and failures, with a section about how to apply lessons learned to future expeditions.
This is an initial effort in the still-nascent field of hard-science-based UAP studies, with an ultimate goal of identifying UAPs without confirmation bias toward either mundane or speculative conclusions."

Another video:  Full lecture by physicist Dr. Kevin Knuth on the physics of UFOs:  at .

Information on The Sol Foundation, showing the existence of at least one professional scientific society devoted to serious investigation of UFOs/UAPs: 

Quote:"The Sol Foundation brings together experts from academia and government to address the philosophical, policy, and scientific problems raised by the likely presence on the Earth of UAP.

Our Research:
The time has come for serious, well-funded, and cutting-edge inquiry into Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Sol’s research agenda cuts across the natural sciences, the social sciences and humanities, engineering, and policy to consider the implications of UAP for our understanding of aspects of nature, such as physics and energy, as well as human institutions like politics, economy, law, and religion."
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