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I had forgot about this for a while and just recently when I mulled over it, I thought this would be an interesting topic to raise. This is purely anecdotal but it raises some interesting questions, I would think.

One day I had a dream just like any other, and Mediochre had happened to mention a topic in general conversation. It had that overwhelming feeling where it bought up a deep seated memory and I had realized that I had had a "second dream" that night while at the same time also experiencing my regular conscious "first dream" as if they had been overlayed. The second dream was arguably far more lucid. Evidenced by the fact that I remember the details of the "2nd dream" and the first was forgotten because it was just random nonsense. I know I have at least two of these "second dreams" and I only know that because I was lucky enough to recall the deep subconscious memory of it. Both were triggered by conversation topics that touched on something that had happened within the dream. This brings up interesting questions. If I can have 2 dreams at the same time, what about 3, or 4? And more importantly, how on earth does that work? These weren't one after the other, they were "layered" on top of one another. One was conscious (remembered) and the other was subsconscious (not remembered unless happenstance and lucid in nature.)

Oh and interestingly, one of those "second dreams" was shared with Mediochre. For him it was a regular lucid dream, but I experienced it as an under-lay of my first. Has anyone else ever experienced this phenomena and/ or known of other people's anecdotes?
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(2018-05-21, 11:44 PM)Dreamsoap Wrote:  Has anyone else ever experienced this phenomena and/ or known of other people's anecdotes?

In The Sun and the Shadow: My Experiment With Lucid Dreaming by Ken Kelzer, he describes an experience with multiple simultaneous dreams.

On one of the Lucid dreaming forums, I read another account of someone who had 2 or 3 simultaneous dreams, but can't recall more details.
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I'd refrained from commenting on this because Dreamsoap posted it but when I came to read it I thought she'd actually written down one of the dreams she was talking about but I guess not.
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