Reincarnation cases from Japan

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A new book has now come out concerning newly researched cases of reincarnation, in this instance from Japan.

The book is Katsugoro and Other Reincarnation Cases in Japan, by Ohkado Masayuki (White Crow Books, ).

Further extending the research of Prof. Ian Stevenson, this book makes a valuable contribution to reincarnation research in non-Western countries, and confirms that the broad outlines of the reincarnation phenomenon are basically the same regardless of culture and race (and therefore ruling out skeptical theories that the phenomenon is cultural and sociological in nature).  From the description:

Quote:“Where did you come from before you were born to our house?” eight-year-old Katsugoro asked his brother and sister. To his surprise, neither of them remembered a previous life as he did. In this book, the linguist and parapsychologist Ohkado Masayuki examines this and other historical Japanese cases suggestive of reincarnation, alongside his own contemporary research into the phenomenon. One of his most impressive cases involves two-year-old Takeharu, who remembered being killed on a battleship in World War II. The author’s efforts to verify the memories and to discover the identities of the past personalities are ingenious.

The majority of the cases involve Japanese children, though some remember past lives in countries they had never visited: three-year-old Tomo recalled a former life in Scotland working in his family’s restaurant. Two-year-old Akane recalled being a Hindu who died in a fire in India. Conversely, there are cases of non-Japanese children remembering past lives in Japan. Some of the children also remember the state between lives, and the transition to their present life. Their accounts bear striking similarities to near-death experiences: leaving the body, traveling to other realms, and meeting spiritual beings.

These moving accounts show that the little ones around us are conscious spiritual beings, who have had profound extraordinary experiences. The author concludes that the evidence strongly favors the reality of those experiences."
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