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Before I doze off for a bit, I'd like to say that, as much as we get pretty deep in certain discussions and take our stances, I must say we are lucky. Although I don't agree with everybody here, I do not think anybody I've witnessed here are fundamentalist in nature. Especially amongst the regulars. And in the proverbial wars that are waged everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) in the media today, fundamentalists rule much of the conversation being had. The two sides to the same crumbling coin: fundamentalist atheists and fundamentalist religionists, particularly Christians and Muslims here in the states. 

I used to think a lot of the interactions between the two groups were wars of wisdom and fact, or some strange vision like that when I was a young Protestant boy. But in growing up, you see 95 percent of it is pure rhetoric! Look at YouTube for Christ sake or any social media outlet. They just go around pummeling each with their own "something of the gaps" arguments they believe are more logical then the other. It's ridiculous. 

Say what you will, but I believe just about everyone here is pretty far from that. Let us be able to laugh at such insanity as a forum community and appreciate the fact we can critically discuss anything still at all here. At least I'll be laughing about it
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