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Quote:When we can no longer picture or imagine what it is like to have reunited with the ultimate source of our existence many people often imagine that we merge with the light and God  and consequently “dissolve into an amorphous nothingness” by becoming one with our creator. Our imagination leaves us short. Nothing could be further from truth.           

Quote:It is an illusion to think our life and our opportunities for self expression end when we are done with our personal issues, our attachments, when we enter true reality in enlightenment, our authentic state, our home state. But life only ever just unfolds. Life is not empty, it is full of significance and mystery and we can make it anything we wish. We, the creative outward flow, which is unconditional love, are free to participate in all creation. We don’t waste away in a featureless, empty space, bored out of our wits with bliss, we become co-workers with the creator, in absolute liberation. We are free to choose how to go about it, free to decide where to go, which group of souls to join and what to do. How is this boring? And, as I mentioned regarding my friend I met, we are not condemned to sit on a celestial cloud, but are liberated to guide, to help, to participate, to descend into the depth like true Bodhisattvas. In true awakening we commit to serve, to become co-workers with our source.

It was interesting to notice that almost everything in this article by Jurgen Ziewe is concordant with what William Buhlman has written on this topic. It also seems to be consistent with Christian Sundberg's book, of which Ninshub posted an excerpt here earlier.
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(2023-03-20, 08:32 PM)Raimo Wrote: https://www.multidimensionalman.com/Mult..._Home.html

It was interesting to notice that almost everything in this article by Jurgen Ziewe is concordant with what William Buhlman has written on this topic. It also seems to be consistent with Christian Sundberg's book, of which Ninshub posted an excerpt here earlier.
The article concludes with this strong statement: 
Quote: We can join communities of kindred spirit, cooperate on unimaginable creative projects and can visit any part of Infinity we wish for or are called to. We are the working army of absolute consciousness, the co-workers of God. If you’ve ever wondered where Angels come from, we are the potential Angels. This is how Angels are borne. Emanuel Swedenborg was adamant about it: Angels are no supernatural beings, they were once humans like us.

Very interesting presentment of a spiritual evolution for each and every person.  Listened to this talk as well.  Jurgen Ziewe speaks with confidence and heart.


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First time I visit Jurgen Ziewe's site.

Those VR videos of the astral planes look pretty enticing. Looking forward to delve into and get lost in them!

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That VR video is nice, except that I found the sound track really harsh!

I haven't seen a video with the ability to rotate the direction of view. Since that control reacts instantaneously, I am guessing that a whole sphere's worth of image must be being sent!

Is that really supposed to be what heaven is like?

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This is what Jurgen writes under the video on youtube:
Quote:As part of my ASTRAL OVERVIEW EFFECT project I am trying to recreate vistas of the higher dimensions in Virtual Reality. This is a slow travel through these inner worlds, in order to take in the surroundings and chill out in the process.I am often frustrated by the inability of our physical matter, including physical light, to recreate the splendor of the subtle worlds, made of particles of light shining from within and offering a fluidity which adapts so dynamically to our joys. There is nothing in our world, or even the world we use for our imagination, that will come close, because this is a new world made of divine matter, which we recognize as “ours” instantly the moment we enter. Worlds made for us, because of our attraction, for our joy and our enlightenment. Each shape, each creation we encounter is not simply a manifestation of inner beauty but also an offering of a deeper knowledge.YouTube only provides a down scaled experience of reduced resolution. TO download get the full, high quality experience please Please go to "VR EXPERIENCES" ON my website http://www.magicfantasyart.com

Here's the relevant page on his website:
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(2023-03-22, 11:08 AM)David001 Wrote: Is that really supposed to be what heaven is like?

If it is, I think I'll stop here (and roam around "haunting" in the traditional manner). Being serious, I spoke for hours to someone who I believe had absolutely been to "heaven" (can't prove it of course). 

It's not something that you can imagine (apparently). There is no place that exists here (he said) that even remotely resembles what he saw. The words don't exist (he said) so we're left with them using words which naturally conjure up images in our minds of undoubtedly beautiful places on earth we are fairly familiar with. But it's much more. 

He was so taken with what he saw that he was prepared to abandon his wife and children  (who he absolutely adored)
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I'm reading the page of Jurgen's site where he talks about the insights he had after discovering he had cancer in 2011:

Quote:It  has directed my attention onto a new level, the level of NOW. In the face of a limited term on this earth it has focussed my attention intensively on the present, a state of mind where I, the observer, become the eyes of stillness. (...)

The deeper fundamentals of yoga can be taught by life like no other teacher and circumstances can release powers we weren’t previously aware of. A formidable challenge beyond our own personal power to control, may leave us with nothing more and nothing less than an attitude of total surrender. (...) By this I mean it can provide the opportunity to realise that the powers of the ego are simply too inadequate to confront its biggest adversary, its own death or obliteration. The surrender is towards our new greater being which rests in the stillness surrounding us. It’s a surrender to a new kind of awareness, which resides in every atom within and beyond the limits of our body, and yet is as close to us as our intake of breath. (...)

In order to enter the super dimensional level of consciousness, we will need to surrender to the consciousness of Being, here, now. It is only here that we will find new strength, a greater purpose, new scope and an expanded identity. And it is here that our journey must take place. Our surrender will be an active one, on a daily and moment by moment basis, a positive identification with that which is lasting - the stillness surrounding us.

This pretty much could have been written word for word by Eckhart Tolle...
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