Margaret Cavendish's Multiverse

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Quote:It's been popularized by Marvel movies, but the Multiverse is actually a very old idea. Multiverse theory can be traced at least as far back as the seventeenth century and theories about the infinite character of the universe. This video focuses on Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle, a seventeenth-century aristocrat who was also a novelist, scientist and philosopher.

Her novel, The Description of A New World, Called The Blazing World may be the first appearance of the Multiverse in literature! Cavendish's Blazing World features parallel worlds and multiple versions of herself in a story that is as strange as it is prescient.


0:00 Multiverse Theory
1:29 Margaret Cavendish Intro
1:57 Blazing World Part 1
Appeal of the Multiverse
3:47 Margaret Cavendish Biography
Researching the Infinite Universe
6:37 Giordano Bruno
Blazing World Part 2
11:01 Multiverse as Travel Narrative
12:31 Women in Power
Blazing World Part 3
15:19 What the Multiverse Means
'Historically, we may regard materialism as a system of dogma set up to combat orthodox dogma...Accordingly we find that, as ancient orthodoxies disintegrate, materialism more and more gives way to scepticism.'

- Bertrand Russell

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