How Do I Know I’m Not the Only Conscious Being in the Universe?

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How Do I Know I’m Not the Only Conscious Being in the Universe?
It is a central dilemma of human life—more urgent, arguably, than the inevitability of suffering and death. I have been brooding and ranting to my students about it for years. It surely troubles us more than ever during this plague-ridden era. Philosophers call it the problem of other minds. I prefer to call it the solipsism problem.

Solipsism, technically, is an extreme skepticism..."
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With that in mind, clearly nothing is provable to me other than my own existence and even that might not be what I think it is.   I have to believe there is a reality "out there" for my continued existence which my instincts force me to pursue.  Every statement I make about "reality" is made with that presumption and belief in mind.  It is impossible to live without faith.  My faith in God is equal to my faith in any other aspect of external reality.  I have no choice but to believe the things I believe and likewise, you also have no choice.  What we can choose is our motives for thinking along certain lines and for avoiding others.  This is where our desires and our sense of morality influences what we believe.  Ultimately, the reality we live in is created by us both neurologically and psychologically and we trust it without any proof at all of its objectivity, other than what our senses tell us.  That is why if our senses tell us we have seen a ghost, then clearly we have no choice but to believe that we have seen a ghost.  Explanations for the ghost are arbitrary and depend totally upon what we prefer to believe in.  We experience a reality and we trust our experience but whether or not we understand our experience is another matter entirely.  When scientists examine the world "out there" they are really examining their own nervous systems.

Hope my thoughts on this subject weren't too erratic. Smile
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I take the stance that I am what I can directly control, so if I can't directly control something that I can see or otherwise perceive, it must be outside of me.
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