Happy 5th anniversary PsienceQuest!! (and a donation drive)

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It's tricky depending on the time zone but here we are "today"... the 5th anniversary of the Psiencequest forum!


Happy anniversary to this community and let's celebrate the journey and its continuation!

We've had times this past year when activity was very low, and hopefully we haven't lost too many members in the process, but we're still here and currently pretty active! So congratulations to you all for keeping this going.

A special thanks to those members (you know who you are) who keep regularly posting even when times are pretty quiet, or just checking in like you do, liking posts when they're there and they strike your fancy. It's all very appreciated and part of the process. Thumbs Up

We're a small community/board, and we're not attached to any regularly produced content like a podcast, so it's an achievement in itself to still be here after five years.

A thought also to Doug who helped create the forum, and I hope he's enjoying himself where he is. Angel  We miss you Doug. 


At the same time, I'd like to bring your attention to a donation drive. We've run out of the funds generously provided by the members in the last years, and to keep the forum running through its 6th year, we calculate that cost to be about 75 to 80 U.S. dollars. If eight of us contribute 10 U.S. Dollars, that makes us meet the goal. Anything above would be used towards a 7th year!

Here's where and how to donate.

So thank you in advance for contributing what you can or wish to!

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A big shout-out to Sci, who has just donated the entire USD 80 that we've estimated will fully fund us for this sixth year, and which we'd thought might be split amongst eight donors. Your generosity is much appreciated, Sci.
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Wow, thanks Sci. That's incredible.
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Much appreciated - this forum - and all who are keeping it afloat. Thanks.
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Woops.  Just donated before reading past the first post.  Well, I'm sure you can put it to further use!

Nice job Sci!!
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Yes, thank you, Silence, and others who feel like doing it. That means the drive donation for the 7th year will be smaller or maybe even non-existent! Smile
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(2022-08-13, 03:03 PM)Silence Wrote: Woops.  Just donated before reading past the first post.  Well, I'm sure you can put it to further use!

Nice job Sci!!

I've added your donation to the spreadsheet too - thank you!
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The latest re donations:

Ian (Ninshub) and I have seen fit to donate USD 20 each, and an anonymous donor contributed just over USD 25 plus just under USD 15 for bottles of wine for Ian and me in thanks of our contribution to the daily running of the forum. Thank you, anonymous donor. Hic!

We now have funds for about two more years (savings of USD 150.25), so we're not looking for additional donations at this point, but folks are free to use their discretion.
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Happy 5th Birthday PsienceQuest!  Smile
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