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Hello friends,

I am a long-time lurker (since Skeptiko was in it's prime, so for more years than I'd like to count) and I have spent a significant amount of my time studying a lot of the subjects that are discussed here daily. I have read many of the books that a lot of you have recommended (Irreducible Mind, The Self Does Not Die, etc. to name a few) and I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from them. 

The pursuit of knowledge has led me to some very interesting places, as I have taken a lot of what I have learned here and brought it into my life. I have had experiences with mediums, sensory deprivation tanks, isolation, psychics, meditation, OBEs, occult practices, and I have went down a lot of other different avenues in searching for truth and reality. 

I have learned a tremendous amount from the people on this forum over the years and from the discussions that have taken place both on Skeptiko and on PsienceQuest. I believe it's time for me to make some contributions back to this beautiful forum, as I believe I have done enough research, experimenting, and seeking to understand that when one has taken so much, something must be given back. 

I look forward to contributing to this forum, learning, refining my own views, and sharing some of the experiences I've had on this journey with those that are interested. 

Thank you and God Bless you all for discussing the things that you do. The conversations that take place here do make an impact, even if it may not seem like it always.
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Welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you.
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What a beautiful introduction.  Thanks for that; its made my proverbial morning!

Welcome aboard.
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