As one flesh

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I've just had a dream in which a trend was started by two people: sitting side by side and very close together, they created the illusion that the inner halves of their bodies had disappeared, with the outer two halves then having the appearance of a single person. They had memorised a great many in-depth answers to potential questions, and, when asked a question, would speak in unison, with the outer halves of their mouths moving together in unison, maintaining the illusion of a single person.

The trend caught on because of the idea that with all of the time and practice it took to rehearse this illusion as well as all of the detailed answers to potential questions, nobody would have any time for nor interest in philandering, and monogamous relationships would be strong and healthy.

There's a certain logic to the idea, but, of course, in real life, no matter how hard you squish two bodies together, the inner halves are never going to "disappear" so much as for the same illusion to be possible as in the dream.

I rate this dream, then: "Cool story, bro."
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