A strange dream

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I was watching videos on Idealism, and how it could possibly change the way we see religion, especially with the whole materialism vs dualism debate. I went to bed last night, and I'm assuming it was because what I watched was in my subconscious
But I was told in the dream, that I could find strong evidence for Idealism in the relationship the earth has with the sun.
Probably BS but super interesting to think about. Especially because I've had dreams that have predicted the future before.
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Interesting. The only link I can think of right now would the fact that (along with there being many other examples of apparent fine tuning) the physical relationship of the Earth and the Sun is apparently fine tuned for life on Earth, where this fine tuning inevitably leads to the requirement of Intelligent Design of it all by some supremely intelligent agent(s). This conclusion of there necessarily being a supremely creative and intelligent Agent or agents at the beginning of things in turn leads to the conjecture that this physical reality and Universe must be in effect a materialized great Thought, and that the substance of reality must ultimately be consciousness. Leading to Idealism as a philosophy of mind.

Fine tuned ways in which the Earth’s relationship to the Sun is favorable to life:

The Earth orbits the sun within a tight “habitable zone” where liquid water can exist on the surface throughout the year. That is highly statistically unlikely for a planet. If Earth were slightly more distant from — or slightly closer to—the Sun, a stable water cycle would be impossible.

The Earth is near the inner edge of the circumstellar habitable zone (which allows a planet to maintain the right amount of liquid water on the surface). If  the Earth were just 5% closer to the Sun, it would be subject to the same fate as Venus, a runaway greenhouse effect, with temperatures rising to nearly 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Conversely, if the Earth were about 20% farther from the Sun, it would experience runaway glaciations of the kind that has left Mars sterile.

Also, small changes in the orbital tilt of our planet around the Sun, or minor variations in the tilt of Earth’s axis, would disrupt our climate. If Earth had a slower rotation speed, our days would be too hot and our nights too cold to support life; shorter, and the wind speeds would be too extreme.

There is just the right right Earth mass which (in conjunction with the particular existing distance of the Sun, and the Sun's existing radiative output) allows our planet to retain the right type and right thickness of atmosphere for nurturing life. If the Earth were smaller, its magnetic field would be weaker, allowing the existing solar wind of our star to strip away our atmosphere,  slowly transforming our planet into a dead, barren world much like Mars.

Also, there is the strange coincidence that we have periodic total eclipses of the Sun by the Moon, with all the parameters determining the eclipse seeming precisely calculated to occur at the precise Earth historical moment when it could help mankind in developing astronomy.
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