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Is all this stuff real? or not? The skeptic vs believer within ourselves 2023-02-06, 07:05 PM 6
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Is all this stuff real? or not? The skeptic vs believer within ourselves Related Topics
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There should be a forum for the reflective/emotional or psychological aspect of all this... so , without knowing exactly where to put this or if anyone cares to participate (please feel free to move this to a more ideal forum).. Does it seem interesting to you that more people don't seem to be interested or at least concerned about the topics we explore here. Specifically, the soul or life after death, meaning ,purpose, etc. Maybe some are not interested in aliens or bigfoot, but we are all gonna die and those we love, will too. Maybe more people do wonder about this stuff and one may never know, just as most wouldn't know my feelings on these topics, except a close few... but there is "thinking about it" and "dwelling on it." I dwell on it. I have a unique psychology on it as well. Despite a strong bias and emotional need to believe in life after death and many things considered "new agey," I have a recurring obsessive and compulsive thought and behavior to poke any and all holes , to the extreme, on how something could be incorrect. In other words, I'll read something, emotionally "believe" or "I feel filled with hope/happiness" but then I mentally become doubtful, skeptical , poking holes in it. It's like I'd almost rather convince myself these things arent real, because If i believe and feel they are real, and at some point learn it is not real and I was wrong, would be more painful than not believing to begin with. "Losing" the belief or feeling, is more painful than never feeling it or believing it at all, i guess.  Weird huh? So, I obsessively read blogs, articles, books, watch and listen to all these topics, then feel good about everything, only to go back to doubt, skepticism and disbelief. If this thread gets going, I'll share some of the types of "skeptical" thoughts and "doubts" that constantly creep up **Edit.. I dont know why I made it seem like I would wait., I will share one of those thoughts now.. Why are so many experiences similar to the experiences one has in an NDE but people dont typically think of a literal soul leaving the body. For example, someone who is being sexually assaulted. Or someone who is being physically attacked, someone experience a PTSD type of "flashback or moment," or perhaps someone who suffers from de-realization or de-personalization disorder. What if one who is close to death, (or thinks they are), has various forms of disassociation. Maybe in less extremes, someone has their vision or hearing distorted, things seem far away or shrink down, etc.. and maybe in more extreme versions, people feel or perceive themselves as "out of body." I know I have read that one book about 100 verified experiences , the self does not die, i think it was called, i have read bruce greyson's book and his experience with the sauce on his tie, the alleged "mary's shoe," all of that. I get it. Thats my point. I have thoughts, and feelings on both sides and they battle with each other all the time. There are stories of people allegedly being out of body and verifying something they saw while out of body, but then other stories of people going to check on what they saw while out of body and they were incorrect about what they saw. It makes no sense!

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