Winter Folklore

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The Mythology Of Winter

"One day, Hades saw the beautiful Persephone and he fell madly in love with her. He ended up kidnapping her and taking her to his subterranean world. In despair, Demeter started looking for her daughter. During this time period, she did not allow vegetation to flourish. Finally, Helios (the all-seeing Sun) discovered what had happened and told Demeter about her daughter’s abduction.
This was how Zeus was forced to intervene. He had to save humankind from starving so he forced Hades to return Persephone. But the god of the Underworld also had a plan. Before returning her to her mother, he gave Persephone some pomegranate seeds.
According to myth, whoever eats the food of the Underworld is forced to live there. Therefore, even though the goddess was returned to her rightful place she must visit Hades every year for a few months in order to survive. These are said to be the winter months. Nature dies in winter because Demeter mourns the absence of her daughter and it is reborn in spring as she is returned to the world of the living."
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