What does your imagination look like?

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Not sure where else to post this since I'm not sure how much this has to do with consciousness besides 'subjective experience' I suppose to some degree. I've heard though some physicalists try and use this 'mind reading' as evidence for physicalism as 'we can see thoughts created by the brain' or something along those lines. This video presents a more neutral take I think and considers more the possibilities. It popped up on my feed recently since I used to be subscribed to this guy when I used YT frequently.

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As an expansion upon this I have indeed heard about this supposed 'mind reading' technology before, that supposedly allows us to 'predict thoughts' and such, though it tends to get overblown/exaggerated. Especially with technology able to 'decode your dreams'. 

In regards to the science in the video and other studies many on here are probably are aware of, what is the consensus, if any, given how it may relate to subjective experiences?
I watched that video the other day and found is absolutely fascinating. How some people's perception and imagination work differently was super interesting. Like I can't imagine not being able to picture things in my mind. 

The thing is with studies like these they don't contradict anything we already know. We don't have just a soul in between our ears, we have a brain. Even if the mind is irreducible, whenever we think or act our brains light up in a very distinct way. We can use that in order to do cool stuff like this. We can also do it to treat other terrible brain problems and make sure we all stay alive. But then it comes in to a correlation and causation thing, and even if we can predict when someone will have a specific thought cause we've watched them do it before 100 times, all that means is we make some choices unconsciously before we become fully conscious of them. But that's not a be all end all for materialism.
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