The single greatest annoyance in modernity

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Is the number of passwords we now have to use.

No kidding - I must have at least 100 and that is not an exaggeration.. And of course every password must be "strong" with Capitals and symbols and small-case letters and numbers, etc.

Just slows every day to a slow, dying death crawl looking through those tiny bits of paper to see which one is which, once my muscle finger-to-brain memory reflex stops working all of a sudden.
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And or course there's two-factor authentification just to make everything that much more pleasurable.
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There are lots of password managers available. Basically you unlock the vault with a single password or other additional steps for greater security. Then 'all' your passwords are available, may even autofill login fields for you.

I suggest starting out by storing less critical, everyday passwords in such a system. More important stuff might be better to remain on paper or however you wish, in case the system has a security breach.

Also I suggest using two or more such programs in case one of them is unavailable e.g. web server down etc.
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Thanks Typoz. I guess I'm a bit paranoid with those. Also I use VPN and CCleaner to get rid of cookie etc. traces (so autofill logins can disappear), and all of those things just make everything complicated.

I'm muddling through like everybody. I should probably start to make some passwords identical (all kinds of store and service accounts), and maybe reduce my 7 hotmail addresses to 2 or 3!

But I will look into password managers.
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Making passwords identical is a bad habit to acquire, if ever one of your passwords is leaked, you wouldn't want that to allow access to dozens of other sites. I've permitted myself to do this very occasionally but not as a way to avoid having lots and lots to deal with.
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I'll heed your advice.
Here in Sweden practically everything you do requires a numerical code.  It's amazing that I can remember everything when the time comes to use it.  Online passwords are child's play by comparison!
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