The Rise of McSpirituality

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Quote:Those of us who’ve read any amount of spiritual literature will find more than a few contradictions. Among the most noticeable relates to the conditions of our existence immediately post death. There are two camps:

The first camp believes that when we die, we more or less retain things like our individualities, personalities, and level of knowledge before we died. In other words, “the journey continues.”

The second camp believes we are instantly transformed into Beings of Light. Any flaws or issues we had in this life are immediately purified. You may hear this camp say things like, “Everything in this world is a stage, when we die the play ends, and we return to Source.”

Quote:The second camp is primarily reinforced by literature from near death experience books, pop mediumship, and channelers. It’s also part of an overall culture in various pop-spirituality circles.
Quote:This point of view also makes our individual existences highly transient; that we essentially dissolve who we are at death.
Quote:My personal theory about this philosophy is that it’s a gross mistranslation of sporadic reports stemming from channeled spirits of a higher density (keeping in mind that channeling is one of the least reliable ways to glean spirit information).
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The first seems more  like the NDEs I've come across, where individuality continues. It also follows the ideas of reincarnation, which also have the idea of responsibility during the physical life.

Perhaps there is some confusion in the sense that we take things sometimes very seriously, but if we will survive and continue after this life, in another sense, things here don't matter. It comes down to our concepts of what is important in order to exist here and now, like breathing or eating, and what is important in terms of what we bring with us from this life. They say "you can't take it with you when you go", referring to material wealth. But there are other things, not always of our own making, which we do take with us, such as trauma carried into a future incarnation. There are positive things we bring with us too.
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