The NDE of the man who fell off Mount Everest

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Roger Hart was a geophysicist; after his retirement he was interviewed about his experience in his youth when on a Mt. Everest climb expedition. From Michael Tymn's post at :

Quote:His NDE took place on May 29, 1962, at age 21, when he was part of an American team attempting to climb Mount Everest.
Hart (was) part of a team that would attempt to climb Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

During that climb, a crampon gave way and Hart and and his friend Sayre fell about 180 feet down a snowy cliff. Hart recalled stars rushing by him like tracer bullets as he yelled and screamed. As soon as he thought that he was about to die, his soul ripped free. As described in the book, he shot off into starless space, floated free in gravity, and watched his body, as if in slow motion, tumble over the ice cliffs below. “I perched on the cusp of time, where, like a water drop between watersheds, I could choose between worlds.”

Hart further recalled a great warmth and euphoria overtaking him and feeling wonderful that he was about to die.  “I could see in all directions at once, not with the seeing of eyes but the seeing of dreams. I felt no fear and no cold; space seemed to shrink around me, or perhaps I expanded to it. At any rate, I was no longer afraid of the emptiness below me. At any rate, I was no longer afraid of the emptiness below me.”  He remembers thinking, "here you are about to die and you feel wonderful ”

.....Before the experience, Hart equated being alive with material success, having control of as many possessions as possible. “I did not believe anything unless I actually experienced it or could prove it scientifically, as with electromagnetic radiation, quantum mechanics, or relativity,” explained Hart, who was a research professor at the Oregon State College school of Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences before his retirement. The fall, even though it took only a few seconds as we know it, changed Hart’s ideas in that regard, convincing him that there is life after death and that spiritual intelligence guides the universe. “Before the NDE on Everest, I was a rationalist, reductive materialist and skeptic. I believed matter was the basis of life and by reducing matter to its smallest components we could understand the universe according to predetermined laws of physics.”
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