Psychic helps find long lost murder victim

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From Mysterious Universe:

Psychic and Paranormal Investigators Help Find Long Lost Murder Victim
Paul Seaburn December 14, 2018

Quote:(...) The news this week is about one such incident in New York where both a psychic and ghost hunters may have helped solve a nearly 60-year-old disappearance, aided a family in getting some closure and potentially provided clues to the police in searching for a murderer.
Quote:“There was a guy who came to my basement, and he went to the right spot and said, ‘The energy is here.’”


Michael bought the home from his mother, who is also deceased, and has always wondered if it contained any clues to his father’s disappearance. His premonitions led him to bring in paranormal investigators about four years ago and that’s when the “energy” in the basement convinced him to dig. Carroll did the work on his own for personal reasons, but his two sons pitched in, knowing the family story. They were concerned about structural damage but a ground radar search discovered something — ironically, six feet under the floor – that kept them going.
Quote:“I was told by the psychic it was blunt force trauma. She actually said to me that it was a pipe, that he got hit in the head by a pipe and he was buried alive.”
Despite that ominous warning from a psychic, they continued digging and, on the night before Halloween this year, the Carrolls found a skeleton. DNA tests have now confirmed it’s the remains of George Carroll and the local medical examiner confirmed the prediction of the psychic.
Quote:“We were able to determine that the cause of death included blunt impacts to the head with fractures of the skull and brain injury, although there may be other injuries that are no longer detectable.”

Link to the New York Post article

Washington Post report:
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