Other People Influencing Your Dreams

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So, not sure what you would call this, an OOBE, a trance, AP, Telepathy, maybe all of it is the same thing in different versions?

In any case, I'm reading one afternoon, sitting on the couch, and I suddenly found myself standing in the entrance hallway of a shared apartment. I have my paperback book in my hand. I'm thinking about why I'm standing here. Sometimes you forget what you were doing, pretty normal. But, I didn't remember coming here in the first place.
As I'm wondering, my roommate's truck pulls up outside. A very recognizeable sound that his truck makes, this ping ping ping when it idles. Then his boots coming up the walkway, then he comes in the front door. I'm standing there, no clue, and he punches me in the face. I go down.
This was the first clue that something was not "normal" about this, no pain.
Second clue, I get up and pat him on the shoulder and say "It's ok, I understand."
In my mind, I'm going "WHAAAAATTTTT!" because I didn't understand, and I was not in control of the actions, words, or able to speak from my point of view.
Just as suddenly, I'm back to the couch reading, or trying to read. It was strange because I was reading the same sentence, over and over, and not capable of comprehending what I was reading. Like a foreign language, it made no sense to me.
I looked away from the book, shook my head a few times, and decided to go look at the hallway to see if it looked the same.
It did.
I'm standing there, book in my hand... and the truck pulls up outside. I hear his boots on the walk. Everything is repeating.
So, as soon as he came through the door I said "Don't hit me!"
He was surprised because he just broke up with his girlfriend and felt like punching something in frustration, and he thought his best friend roommate would understand, so he thought about punching me while driving down the road, and suddenly felt much better, like the burden was lifted.
I told him he did actually just give me a psychic punch, and it came across loud and clear.
The combination of how real everything was, the trance condition, and how it mixed future with present to show me everything was very strange. 
Most of the information is always so clouded, filtered, or only in bits and pieces. This was pretty clear and obvious, yet I had no clue what it was about or why until we spoke.
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