One of my favourite paranormal police stories...

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In 1976 I was on night-shift in a police car with another PC called Ron (who was also a spiritualist).

It was a cold night, and during the the early hours of the morning, Ron suggested we stop at his house for a mug of hot chocolate.

We parked the car outside of Ron's house, a light was on in an upstairs room, and Ron mentioned that his wife might still be awake reading.

Ron opened the entrance door, and walked down the hall to the kitchen. I entered, and as I turned around to shut the entrance door, I was surprised to see an elderly man, with the appearance of a north American Indian, and moccasins on his feet, sitting in an armchair facing down the hallway. I said "good morning" to him. He looked at me, but said nothing.

I quickly walked down the hall to the kitchen, where Ron asked me whether I wanted a mug or a cup. I said "Mug, and who is the man sitting in the hall?"

Ron carried on making the hot chocolate, and casually explained that he was the spirit of a Navajo Indian who would often visit to see his wife's unusual paintings. I didn't know what to think, but by the time we left, the elderly man was gone.

Later that shift, I spoke to another colleague, and mentioned that we had stopped off at Ron's house for a break. Without me saying anything further, he asked me if I had seen the Native American, and I told him that I had. This officer explained that he had also seen him on one occasion when he had visited Ron's house.
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