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Conducted recently, a comprehensive and revealing interview on the current status with award winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart, at He has been looking into the UFO/UAP phenomenon for a long time.

A couple of highlights from the interview:

Note what he suggests at the following point early in the interview (at around 10.00 in the video): something very much along the lines of some of the suggestions in the interview with Cook and Maduro that I posted recently (at time 14.00 in the video). Some of the verified experiences and observations Coulthart has become acquainted with indicate that maybe the UFO/UAP phenomenon isn't what it seems to be - it may be, rather than nuts-and-bolts vehicles, a form of highly intelligent nonphysical or partially physical entities able to observe and influence humans for their own purposes. This isn't just an airy speculation but a reasoned hypothesis based on a good sized body of observational data. 

This of course has to be weighed against all the indications from the whistleblower testimony to the existence for a long time of deeply clandestine black beyond top secret project(s) retrieving and attempting reverse engineering of real physical nuts-and-bolts crashed UFO remains and perhaps bodies. This seems to be a conflict. One explanation to resolve this apparent contradiction is that real physical alien UFOnauts with a comprehensive set of disparate talents in both the physical high technology and mental/spiritual/psychic realms have been flying around in part to draw attention and clandestinely influence human minds, for a long time, in addition to coming to our attention via their physical presence. Apparently the creatures are not infallible and their vehicles aren't 100% reliable, they crash sometimes, hence the special black program(s) to retrieve and study them. Witness the very highly classified secret retrieval/investigation project(s) finally being recently outed by the various whistleblowers, starting with David Grusch. ]

Another possibility: There are multiple different races of aliens with varying extraordinary capabilities, different beings from different home planets only possibly in coordination with each other. The drastic differences between apparent different types of UFO/UAP craft would indicate that: for instance, contrast the 30-40 ft. saucers and cylindrical cigar-shaped UFOs numerous in the 50s, 60s and 70s, with the huge black triangles of the 80s, with the current spate of tennis-ball and hockey-ball sized metallic or translucent spheres with no visible means of propulsion being mostly observed today by the military. Note that these last types of small ball-shaped vehicles are very similar to the phenomenon of the "foo fighters" observed by American aircrew in late WW2. An investigatory group of one of the alien types of beings visiting us at several different times in order to monitor the progress and otherwise of our civilization?

Later in the interview, Coulthart intriguingly remarks that he is on the track of a story where it supposedly has been determined that due to their relatively good condition some of the vehicles may have been deliberately left by the aliens to be picked up by us and studied. Consider the implications of this.
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