Intruiging photage cught on film camera that might be ghostly spiriritsparanormal

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I have a few, from almost thousands of recordings done in haunted places. Most of the time, sitting at a vigil, is beyond boring, before something might happen - if it even does att all. The fun part though, is when you rewind the photage from all the other cameras from rooms we didn't spend much of time in at all. In those cases it feels like they targeted that particularly room, because they knew we weren't in there - or at least very little.

From the actual onslaught of recordings from our own vivgil there is often blanks, but as I said; the rooms we were not in, usually has payback.

I'm about to put up a few scenes with some very strange encounting tpgether in some edited clipps, for you to see. and have your take on them.
I you also have something caught on fillm & still photo, feel free to post it here
But give the whole backstory about the shoot and some sort explanation of the event.
Those filmclipps I have need some bit of editering to shorten down  the incident, but also not leaving out the story around the case.
So; hey; If you can pull together a clip like this fast - put it up here.

Victims (if any )
et. etc.

So bring em on.... Thumbs Up
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Quote:Intruiging photage cught on film camera

Intriguing footage caught on film camera?

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