Hopefully the problem with ugly unrendered font tags is fixed

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I know that many of you have especially in recent times found that on posting, certain of your posts become littered with unrendered "font" tags which make the posts almost unreadable.

I've come up with what I hope is a solution to this problem, but so far my diagnosis and solution has been based on only one post: Steve's recent post, #187, in the Vaxx thread. My solution has fixed the issue with that post, but there might be other issues with other posts that I've missed.

So, if any of you guys remember any of your posts where you've encountered this problem, I'd be grateful if you looked them up and checked them to see whether the problem is now solved - and let me know either way, but especially if it's not.

Cheers, and here's hoping for uniformly readable posts going forward.
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Another example here, quote:
Quote:Also, apologies for the litter of font codes on the quote, I have no idea how to get rid of them.


I remember seeing that post, it was pretty much unreadable. Looks a lot cleaner now. But not completely fixed?
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Great catch! Thank you!

Yes, the problem there was that my plugin didn't correctly handle nested font tags. Fixed now, I hope.
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Well done Laird! I'm impressed with your efforts to track down and provide a solution to something which may go unnoticed, since people won't jump up and down over a problem which no longer occurs. You deserve our thanks on behalf of all of us for making things run more smoothly.
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Ah, you're very kind, Typoz. A less generous person might have said, "It's about time, and couldn't you get it right the first time, dammit?"
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