Have UFOs attacked our aircraft?

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An interesting article on the question of whether UFOs have ever actually aggressively attacked our aircraft.

The article summarizes some of the most dramatic apparent possible hostile UFO encounters with fighter aircraft, including the Mantell and Gorman incidents in 1948. One of the more provocative incidents was the following:

Quote:"In 1967 an Air Force surveillance unit in Florida intercepted Cuban radio traffic reporting a bogey (an unidentified aerial target) entering Cuban airspace from the northeast.

The Cuban radio traffic indicated that two MIG-21 jet fighters were dispatched to intercept the bogey. Upon reaching its location, the pilots reported seeing “a bright metallic sphere with no visible markings or appendages” at 33,000 feet traveling at approximately 660 mph. After a failed attempt at establishing radio contact with the object, Cuban air defense headquarters ordered the flight leader to arm his missiles and destroy the target. The flight leader radioed back that he had a lock on the target and was prepared to engage. Those were the last words ever heard from the flight leader.

Within seconds his wingman in the second MIG was heard screaming, saying that the flight leader’s jet had exploded. He later corrected that description to say that the plane had “disintegrated” in mid-air and the debris was raining down toward the ocean. The UFO then accelerated to an “incredible speed,” climbed to approximately 98,000 feet and continued southwest toward South America."

Later after this incident, there were several apparent attempts by the Government to cover it up.

The article writer concludes by pointing out that the extant evidence of all the apparently hostile encounters with UFOs is characterized by the UFOs never having actively initiated the encounters - they were just minding their own business when fighter jets locked on them with their missile control radars or otherwise attempted to engage them.
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I suppose there is limited information available, not all encounters are made public, and a lone aircraft might succumb without any record of what happened.

But it does seem from the accounts in that article that there may be no weapons used apart from those of humans themselves.
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One interesting aspect of this is that a radar lock-on is only obviously a hostile act in the context of warfare at that time. It would seem that more recent radar systems lock on in a different way that is invisible to the target:


Did the UFO occupants read the minds of the pilots, or maybe their radio commands, and then do whatever it was they did?
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