Emotional Pooling

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(2021-04-09, 11:03 AM)Typoz Wrote: It doesn't mean I'm suddenly telepathic, I don't share in other people's private thoughts. But it seems there is a pool of emotional energy in which we are all floating.

Re-reading my own post, this part has reminded me of something else. This took place many years ago when I was living in a small flat in Manchester. One night - for some reason I was sleeping on the floor - though I had a bed - I woke up, feeling restless. I recall something very strange which has never happened again, before or since. I was so uneasy that as I came from sleeping into wakefulness, I started to reach out and claw at the carpeted floor. It was almost an animal thing, I was clawing at the carpet with my fingernails.

Afterwards I fell asleep and did not wake up again until morning. When I turned on the news I found out that just a few hundred yards from my home, a riot had been taking place, bricks hurled through windows, shops and businesses burned down. This was in Moss Side, Manchester, and similar unrest had been taking place in other cities over recent days or weeks.

So during my strange animal restlessness, I seemed to be tapping in to something taking place nearby. I can well imagine how easy it would have been for those closer to the scene to be simply swept along with the tide of emotion.

The following day was warm and sunny, I walked in the park and wandered over to look at the area. There was a very calm, happy atmosphere, almost like a holiday. Whatever had taken place in the dark of night had been dissipated in the light of day. Of course these are my personal observations. Others who were there may have a different story to tell and different impressions.

One other thing stuck in my mind. A photograph in the newspaper of the small figure of a woman, a Quaker I think, standing motionless amidst the violence taking place around her. She was praying or meditating for peace.
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