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I was surprised when looking for a place to write this that there doesn’t seem to be a a specific place to put posts about dreams. Lucid dreams qualify, but not ‘run of the mill’ dreams. Or am I just ‘ not looking properly’ as my wife frequently accuses me of? Quite possible.  Big Grin

Even ‘ordinary’ dreams are sometimes fascinating, they appear to include beyond our (my) everyday experience capabilities.

I recently had a dream where I ended up looking at a picture drawn by Nigel Farage, a controversial politician here in the uk. I can’t recall ever seeing him in a dream before and he’s of no particular interest to me, but the picture was interesting. It was something that he was doing as a distraction, like doodling in class. It seems to have been discarded, of no interest to anyone but I ended up looking at it, I dint know how. 

It was a page of self portraits of his face, maybe of blue pencil. Yet when I moved the page it revealed other images that were concealed in the previous position. It was sort of like it was alive, like we sometimes see in films, drawings coming to life. I would say that it was drawn by someone of ability, not something to be discarded. Far beyond my own ability. 

So who was it that drew the (living) picture?
Oh my God, I hate all this.   Surprise
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You should listen to your wife, Steve.  Big Grin 

There is indeed a specific place to put posts about dreams:

Psience QuestExtended Consciousness PhenomenaPersonal ExperiencesDreams

I've moved your post there.

Also, re controversial politicians in dreams: before he was elected, I had a dream in which Donald Trump de-friended and then re-friended me on Facebook. How we came to be Facebook friends in the first place was left unspecified.
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Speaking of images, I remember years ago having a dream where I was reading a newspaper, whole pages of small text and occasional sub-headings. Rather dull stuff. But when I drew back and viewed the whole double-page spread, the text, without moving, turned into a vivid almost 3-D image of soldiers and tanks and warfare. At the time I think I thought something like, wow, how did I not notice that before.

But not all my dreams are so weighty. As I woke up this morning, (in the dream) I was with a few other people and we were constructing words, there were a lot of novel ones, but all that come to mind now are something like 'infracheesy' and 'flavouric' which I'd made. One of the others said, those are ok, now how would you use them in a sentence?
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