comparison of OBE's via different forms of induction

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Out out of it
We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring 
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
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Would like to look at that but getting page not found:

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Found a copy here:
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(2017-10-21, 09:45 AM)Max_B Wrote: Updated the link, to a page where you can download the paper, thanks...

Quite an interesting paper that, Max. Not really sure what they mean by hypnotically induced OBE's though. By coincidence, they've quoted my friend that I'm writing a book for. He will be pleased Wink
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(2017-10-20, 09:06 PM)Max_B Wrote: Out-of-body-experiences: a phenomenological comparison of different causes


In out-of-body experiences (OBEs) the typifying phenomenal experience is the continuity/existence of the self, outside the boundaries of the physical body. In this work several characteristics of these experiences were investigated using the accounts of participants who underwent them via three forms of induction: (a) by way of hypnotic induction; (b) after traumatic physical experiences that can be defined as near-death experiences (NDEs); (c) and via non-traumatic experiences, such as meditation.

In each group, these experiences were described generally as positive and entail a state of greater phenomenal clarity compared to ordinary consciousness. Furthermore, a decrease in perception of time and one’s personal boundaries were reported. The lack of substantial differences across groups suggests that all OBEs shares similar characteristics which are not necessarily modulated by induction type. Nonetheless, there were some differences across groups which were noteworthy; namely, hypnotically-induced OBEs resembled more closely a phenomenology of NDEs than that of typical spontaneous accounts.

Try this on.

Physical reality is a self-created and co-created illusion, an orchestration. Is any OBE also an illusion or is an OBE a 'reach back' to the real Self, the Higher Mind, the Spirit You?

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