Brazilian soldier claims he took part in capturing an alien

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Military Witness in Brazil’s Varginha UFO Incident Claims He Helped Capture an ET

Paul Seaburn over at Mysterious Universe (January 15, 2022) covers this story about a Brazilian UFO researcher interviewing a man who says he was a soldier who was part of the military effort involved in the already well-known January 1996 UFO event in Varginha, Brazil (claiming the Brazilian military had captured ETs).

The article offers a link to a video on youtube in Portuguese and but I checked and it's now a private video only.

Quote:(...) Machado – who claims he was a low-ranking junior soldier in January 1996 when his life was changed forever by a trip with other soldiers from his base in Belo Horizonte in southeastern Brazil to Varginha for an undisclosed operation. Make that an unusual operation too – the first thing they noticed was that they were carrying rifles with no ammunition in them. While sweeping the area where they were dropped off, he claims two other soldiers came out of the woods carrying a strange being.

    “The first thing that caught my attention was the very large head. The head is completely disproportionate to the body. And a very big red eye. And then, in those 10 or so seconds that I had to observe it, I noticed that it was quite oily. Dark, a reddish more iron-colored, but very oily, and a weird smell that reminded me of acetone.” (Google translation)

In the video, Machado holds up his drawing of the creature and claims he was within five feet of it. His description of it sounds similar to the accounts of the three women, who estimated it to be five feet tall with a large head, large red eyes, thin body, V-shaped feet and brown skin. The mother of two of the girls went to the area and smelled a strong ammonia-like odor. There were reports of a second creature being found by soldiers two days later (Machado claims he was there a day or so after January 20th when the women saw it) as well as other accounts of a UFO crashing and being retrieved by soldiers, who ordered people in the area to say nothing.

The Wiki article about the Varginha incident.
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Looking around online, surprisingly I found this:

National Geographic put up a video in 2012 where the three women who have for a long time claimed they saw the "alien" in 1996 were interviewed:

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