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Sleep Paralysis again
Ah, might as well post this here….

I haven’t had sleep paralysis in many years.

But, last week, I was recovering from a cold, slept a lot, and had strange dreams.

I have a huge fear of a home invasion since I experienced one, while I was home, about twenty years ago. I still have nightmares about it, from time to time.

A few days ago, I was sick, I was sleeping A LOT. My seven-year-old was also feeling sick and wanted to sleep with me and my SO. I fell asleep, but I heard the sounds of foot steps in the hallway. I thought, shit, my SO went to bed after me and he never bolts the door. (I’m obsessive about bolting the door due to the home invasion I had.) I start thinking, like I do, that it’s maybe the cats making noise. So, I’m just listening to the sounds, hoping it’s cats, when my bedroom door opens.

I start freaking out, I’m thinking, “Oh my god, it’s happening again, someone really has broken in!” A man walks in, and is standing in the door frame. We keep the light on in the hallway in case one of the kids needs to pee at night. I can see the hallway light framing him and he looks dark, I can’t see any features . i’m convinced someone has broken into the house, but then I can’t scream. I try with all my might to move my index finger, because I have my arm over my son and onto my SO’s chest, near his neck.

I start concentrating on moving my index finger to scratch my SO’s neck, to wake him up, because I can’t move or scream. I remember it barely moved.

Then I look back at the figure in the doorway, and it hasn’t moved at all. It’s just standing there. I thought, well, that’s weird for a burglar to do. I then realized that I could not see any features on “his” face. I then thought it was weird that he was just standing there, looking at us sleep.

I started to panic even more, but then it was like the spell was broken, and I sat up, yelling “What!” I swear I had more to add to the “what” but I could see that the bedroom door was closed. Everyone was asleep in the bed, but I knew I had experienced sleep paralysis again.

Afterwords, my SO and I joked about how it was a demon who wanted to scare me, but then was super bummed that I was more terrified of home invasions and burglars than demons.
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Some, not all, I would suggest that most SP isn't sleep or traditional paralysis. The simplest explanation is that it can be an interruption of the dream state because of expectations, or judgments, or because of fears.

Many times post-abduction ("takings") at or about the moment of being 'put back' (typically in bed) when you are experiencing a half physical, half astral state, you will think that you can still move in the same way, but cannot. A feeling of, not actually a physiological state but just a feeling, generated while you are trying to move in a way you are accustomed in 'ordinary' physical reality, but there is a totally different concept to movement in that astral state. A 'freak out' of sorts.

The oft-claimed 'shadowy figure(s)' are often ETs pre-selected appearance in support of your belief systems. "It can't be an alien, it must be an intruder" kinda thing.

Although the agenda of the ETs, particularly the Zeta Reticulum who are operationally responsible for the hybrid being creation program, has been well explained, apparently the time is not yet right for them to expose themselves consistently in our dreams. This will soon come to an end as the genetic manipulations agenda is quickly becoming a cooperative agreement past its time.
Existence is not subject to time; time is subject to Existence.
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What do you make of this exchange? I found the original post and recording super creepy, but here is someone breaking it down:

It makes me want to record myself sleeping as well, but also, ehhhh... maybe I don't want to know?
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