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Extra Subforums Suggestions
May I suggest including a "Solutions" subforum to the super secret conspiracy theory/political usergroup forums?

Yes, there's lots of bad things happening, but there's also a lot of projects that are very successfully pushing back. I don't think focusing only on the bad is healthy, nor is it accurate.

Also maybe another forum thing in extended consciusnes focused entirely on dreams. Yes people could post in the personal experiences subforum, or in the astral/obe/dreams forum which to me appears the better place. But dreams are a lot more common to a lot more people and it might be nice to have a specific place for people to share their own dreams.

Also, either in extended consciousness or related topics, or even it's own entire category, a section for forum and user run experiments. It's all well and good to talk about experiences or dissect papers done by others, but I personally think it would be great to have an entire section dedicated to forum members running proper PSI experiments to the best of their ability. It would make sense if it was it's own entire category split into NDE, OBE, PK, etc like the extended consciousness section.

Just my two cents.
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