The post-life communication of W.T.Stead

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I'd mentioned the Spiritualist W.T. Stead regarding precognition of the sinking of Titanic, but his afterlife communications - as listed in the Psi Encyc - might also be of interest:

(authored by Michael Tymn)

Quote:When he died, Stead was on his way to New York City to give a lecture on world peace at a conference at Carnegie Hall.  A survivor reported seeing Stead calmly sitting in the smoking room reading a book, while other passengers scurried to the decks and the lifeboats.  Another recalled seeing Stead calmly holding back men who were attempting to board the lifeboats with the women and children.  Still another recalled seeing him standing alone in silence, in what appeared to her as a prayerful attitude, or one of profound meditation.      

On the return trip, Stead had planned to chaperon Etta Wriedt, an American trance-voice medium who was travelling to England to be studied by members of Julia’s Bureau.  Wriedt made the trip without him, and gave a sitting on May 6 in Wimbledon. Among the sitters were British Vice-Admiral W Usborne Moore and Estelle, Stead’s daughter. Moore reported that Stead communicated with his daughter for at least forty minutes...

...General Sir Alfred E Turner reported that he held a small and private sitting at his home with Wriedt...

...Professor James Coates of Rothesay, a well-known author and investigator, also reported seeing and hearing Stead...

Coates collected testimony from many others who witnessed the return of Stead, documenting them in a 1913 book, Has W. T. Stead Returned?        
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