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I mentioned this previously in another post. It is by no means new, the events occurred around 1985-86 but I thought maybe it deserved its own thread.

There is a fairly thorough video which describes the events here:
This Mysterious Computer Could Prove Time Travel Exists

It's a rather convoluted series of events, seemingly involving poltergeist activity, a BBC microcomputer, a historical figure Tomas Harden / Hawarden and a claimed group from the future date of 2109.

Although 1985 is not so long ago, it seems the key personages involved (who were indeed real) are difficult to track down.  One of the characters, Gary Rowe appears to have commented online though there's no way to tell if this is indeed the same person and in any case his posts don't shed any real light on matters.

One other point is that the 16th century Tomas Harden said he would write a book on these strange events - I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to be found, but if it did turn up it would add some substance to things.
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From my perspective the big hole in the story is that Ken Webster needed to leave the computer unattended in the hope/expectation that in his absence a new file would appear. This leaves a very simple route for some known or unknown person to enter, spend a couple of minutes transferring the file and then depart. It all seems much too easy.

Similarly the 'poltergeist' activity - as far as I'm aware - took place while there were no witnesses present. Unless I missed something, which is quite possible, there were no objects flying off shelves or similar active (noisy) events. Instead there were static displays - tin-cans, furniture, footprints. This doesn't automatically mean it has a mundane explanation, but doesn't quite live up to usual poltergeist expectations.

Quite possibly I've made mistakes in my descriptions. Alternative views and corrections are welcome.
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